Support scaled up to help residents tackle rising cost of living

Published: Thursday 10 November 2022

Residents struggling with the rising cost of living are being supported through the winter by a broad package of assistance being rolled out by Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Under a six-month plan agreed by the Council’s Leadership Team last night, targeted financial and practical support will help those most affected by the increasing cost of food and fuel.

This includes £8 million of Council money to help the borough respond to the cost of living crisis as well as the ongoing recovery from Covid, £2.2 million of existing discretionary funding distributed to voluntary organisations to assist the most vulnerable residents and an additional £318,000 for the latest tranche of the Household Support Fund.

The authority is also providing one-to-one financial advice, to date resulting in more than £82,000 of unclaimed benefits being claimed.

Practical support being provided by departments from across the Council includes:

  • Launching a cost of living support hub which is continuously updated with useful information and links
  • Running a business rates hardship relief scheme and providing commissioned support through Portobello Business Centre
  • Opening warm winter spaces in community centres and Council buildings
  • Utilising the Department for Education’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme to support young people eligible for free school meals
  • Using Local Support Payments to help residents afford food and Discretionary Housing Payments for eligible residents struggling with rent payments

The Council is also working with the voluntary sector to hold a “state of the borough” session to better understand the scale of the rising cost of living and the response required.

Cllr Johnny Thalassites, Lead Member for Finance and Customer Delivery, said:

“We know that tackling the rising cost of living is a real concern for many local people. The good news is that there is support available and we will be by your side throughout the winter and beyond to help you access it. 


“From providing direct financial assistance to free school meals for pupils during holidays, to opening up our buildings as warm winter spaces, we are absolutely focused on supporting the most vulnerable through this difficult period.”