Parking suspensions

Parking suspensions

Reserve a parking bay

A parking suspension is where someone reserves a parking space for a specific use.

We suspend parking bays for:

  • road works
  • removals
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMPs)
  • other events

We always try to suspend the most convenient bay to minimise disruption. We only suspend disabled bays, doctors' bays, car club bays or diplomats' bays if there are no other alternatives.

We do not suspend bays for:

  • cars
  • people carriers
  • four-wheel-drive vehicles
  • minibuses


Notice periods

We need to give residents enough notice about upcoming suspensions so they can make sure their cars are not parked in suspended bays.

If you think you need a suspension you must apply well in advance.

Find out about required notice periods.


Suspension times and costs

We only suspend parking bays during controlled hours:

Suspension costs depend on their length and duration. 

Read more about suspension costs.


How to recognise a suspended bay

Suspended bays have a yellow warning notice on the nearest post. We put up warning notices:

  • seven days in advance for residents' bays
  • the day before for pay-by-phone bays


Domestic or office furniture removals

You do not have to suspend parking bays to carry out domestic or office removals. You can stop in any parking bay or on single yellow lines if you can find a space and make sure you don't cause an obstruction. 

You can't put out barriers or notices to block off the space. Any unloading and loading must be continuous or the vehicle will be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice.


Single yellow line dispensations

We can give permission to load and unload on single yellow lines for some vehicles. 

Read more about single yellow line dispensations.


CTMP agreements

Our Construction Management Team oversee all applications for suspensions and licences for work sites that have an agreed CTMP. We will only issue suspensions that are agreed in the CTMP. 

Deadlines, charges and all other conditions for submitting a suspension application will also apply to CTMP sites.

If you have any queries about your CTMP or want to apply by email contact



Last updated: 28 July 2020