Cycle parking

Cycle parking

We provide cycle parking around the borough so you can secure your bike safely. We aim to make the best use of available space without cluttering the streets or obstructing pedestrians.

Local cycle parking includes:

  • racks on footways and carriageways
  • parking along central islands of roads such as Kensington High Street
  • small hoops attached to existing sign posts
  • cycle hangars

You can suggest a location for cycle parking by contacting [email protected].

The map below shows where you can find cycle parking in the borough.

Cycle hangars

Cycle hangars offer a more secure solution for long-term resident cycle parking as well as offering protections from the elements. Cycle hangars have space for up to 6 residents’ bikes in the space of a small car.

Spaces within our on-street cycle hangars are available to rent at a cost of £72 per year, plus a one-off refundable key deposit of £25 (where applicable).  Existing hangar locations can be viewed and applied for on:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I request a cycle hangar on my street?


The Council’s secure cycle parking programme is working on meeting the shortfall in the Council’s housing estates, so we are not currently implementing new rental hangars on-street.  We recognise that there is still significant demand for cycle parking on our streets, and we will review this position in the next 12 months.

You may wish to consider applying for a cycle hangar through the Council’s Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy


Why is there a need for consultation and what is the process?


Any change the Council makes to streets are subject to consultation. When we propose a new cycle hangar, we consult with local residents for a minimum of six weeks. Once the consultation period has ended, the Council considers the feedback received before making a decision if the cycle hangar should be installed. 

It then takes a month or two to arrange changes to line markings and install the units. At that time, our contractor will contact the first six residents that wrote in to request a space with details on how to secure their key. If more than six people asked for a space, they will be added to a waiting list in the order they requested a space.

Why can’t I see a cycle hangar near me on the rentals website?


Some cycle hangars are privately owned or only available for use by residents of RBKC or private housing estates. If you’re a resident of an RBKC or private housing association, contact your housing officer to ask if you can access a space in a local hangar.

How many spaces can I reserve in a cycle hangar?


Spaces are currently limited to two per household.

Can I/my business/a group of residents fund a cycle hangar?


We do not permit privately purchased cycle hangars to be placed on public highway. But the Council does offer support with cycle parking facilities at workplaces and on housing estates, to find out more contact [email protected].

Last updated: 20 February 2024