Cycling Grid

Cycling Grid cycle routes

The Council wants to create cycle routes for people who have considered cycling, but been put off by the idea of sharing busy roads with lorries and buses, but we hope that many existing cyclists will also appreciate being able to use clear, direct routes along quiet side streets.

When we develop new routes (Phase 2 onwards), we adhere to Transport for London’s cycle network quality criteria, avoiding or introducing interventions on roads where:

  • there are more than 500 motor vehicles per hour during peak periods
  • vehicle speeds exceed 25 mph (85% percentile)
  • the proportion of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are more than 2% of all vehicles.

We completed our first phase (Phase 1) of cycle routes in 2017, and in October 2018, consulted on the Kensington High Street to Shepherd’s Bush route – our first route of Phase 2. This route will be constructed from February 2019. 

We are currently consulting on our Pembridge Square to Meanwhile Gardens route. The consultation can be found on the Pembridge Square to Meanwhile Gardens page.

Quietway cycle routes [PDF] (file size 1.08 MB)

You can find Key Decisions and designs of previous routes on the Implemented Quietway cycle routes page.