Cycling Grid

The Central London Cycling Grid

Construction is now well underway on our programme of 'Quietway' cycle routes across the Borough, forming part of the Mayor of London’s Central London Cycling Grid.

Quietways are designed primarily for people who have considered getting on a bike, but have been put off by the idea of sharing busy roads with lorries and buses. The growing numbers of people who cycle already will appreciate being able to use clear, direct routes along quiet side streets (which are different from the cycling superhighways).

We have looked carefully at the changes that we need to make in order to create these routes:

  • The routes use quieter roads so we will not normally need to use cycle lanes, and there will be no coloured paint on the road.
  • In some locations, there is very little to be changed, only signs and road markings to show where the route goes (simple road markings will show where the route goes, with signs at decision points).
  • Where the routes cross busy roads, we may need to make some changes to the designs of junctions - for instance, to slow down traffic on the approaches (often our proposals will have benefits for pedestrians too).
  • In some cases, routes have not been available until now because one-way streets that were introduced to prevent ‘rat-running’ have also forced cyclists onto long detours or busy parallel roads. We have converted around twenty such streets to two-way cycling over the past few years, and our monitoring shows that these schemes are working well. These types of schemes have also become popular across London to improve cycle access.

You can find a map of Quietway routes in Kensington and Chelsea here.

Quietways routes [PDF] (file size 973.52 KB)

Consultation has closed on seven routes in Kensington and Chelsea. On some routes we have completed the engineering measures and work is underway on others.

You can see the detailed plans for all of the routes here:

Harrington Gardens to Baywater Road- now two routes

Bayswater Rd drawings [PDF] (file size 339.97 KB)

Mitre Way to Ledbury Road

Mitre Way to Ledbury Road [PDF] (file size 5.6 MB)

Dovehouse Street to St Leonard's Terrace 

Brompton Cemetery to Exhibition Road

Albert Bridge to Harrington Road

Oakley Street to Holbein Place

Oakley St to Holbein Place Key Decision [PDF] (file size 174.84 KB)
Oakley St to Holbein Place drawings [PDF] (file size 821.52 KB)