Car clubs

Car Club schemes operating in Kensington and Chelsea offer members the use of a vehicle on a ‘pay as you drive’ basis without the inconveniences and costs associated with car ownership. We currently work with three operators who provide a range of Car Club services in the borough to residents, visitors and businesses for journeys that cannot be made by walking, cycling or other public transport.

Currently there are two different Car Club models in operation in the borough:

Round Trip Car Clubs

The borough has over 210 on-street Car-Club bays which operate a round-trip car sharing model. This allows members to pre-book a vehicle from its dedicated bay, usually for a period ranging from 30 minutes up to 2 days, and then return it to the same bay once the rental period has finished.

Three operators, Enterprise, Ubeeqo, and ZipCar, currently operate this type of service. Most residents have at least one bay for each operator near their home with the majority of residents within a three-minute walk of at least one on-street car club bay. Ubeeqo now also offers a ‘floating’ version of this round-trip service under which vehicles do not have a dedicated on-street bay but can be picked up and returned to any residents parking bay within a narrow geographically defined area.  

One way Car Clubs

A one-way service model is currently provided throughout the borough by Zipcar Flex. This model allows users to pick up a car within their locality and to drop it elsewhere in the borough or within any of the other London Boroughs within their operating areas. Aproximately 30% of the Zipcar Flex fleet is fully electric which allows users the option to try out electric vehicles and incorporate these into their wider travel patterns.

Why does the Council promote Car Clubs?

Car Clubs can provide an attractive and economical alternative to car ownership for many people. In addition to the personal benefits experienced by members, studies have consistently shown that there are wider community benefits through a reduction in overall traffic, improved air quality and reductions in on-street parking demand.

Each year the Charity CoMoUK publishes an annual report outlining the benefits of Car Clubs based upon membership surveys. These surveys along with a summary of all the benefits can be found on the CoMoUK website. 

To further understand and compare the services provided by each car club operator please visit the following websites: