Car Club offers members 'pay as you go' driving. The car is booked either online, through an app, or over the phone, and is picked up and returned to the same bay by the member. The car is booked for the period of time required by the member. Members can generally use vehicles for as little as 30 minutes to a week or more.

The car club operators have different ways of charging for the service they provide but generally members will pay an annual membership fee and an hourly usage charge which includes all the costs of using the car such as fuel, insurance, depreciation and maintenance.

Therefore, you will pay nothing for the car when you are not using it and for this reason car club membership is often cheaper than car ownership.

Car club vehicles issued with a permit by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea may park in residents' parking bays throughout the Borough free of charge. Car club vehicles not displaying a permit issued by this borough must not park in residents' parking bays during the hours of control.  All car club users, including vehicles with a permit issued by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, must pay to park in pay and display bays

To compare the offer of each car club operator and to see how much money you could save please visit the following websites:

What is the Council’s car club scheme?

The Council has provided 210 car club parking bays on-street. Only car club vehicles displaying a permit issued by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea may park in these bays. The permit number of the car club vehicle must match the number of the bay parked in.

The scheme is a multiple-operator scheme. This means that three operators, Enterprise, Ubeeqo, and ZipCar, are running a car club service on-street in competition with each other. Most residents will have at least one bay for each operator near their home and virtually all residents are within a three-minute walk of at least one on-street car club bay. 

To find out where Car Club bays are located please see the map below.

Car Club Map [PDF] (file size 390.25 KB)

Why does the Council provide car club bays on street?

Car Club complements the Council’s policies to reduce traffic, improve air quality and reduce on-street parking demand.

One of the key benefits of car club schemes is that they reduce the number of cars on-street and so reduce parking demand and traffic congestion. Evidence undertaken in an annual survey of Car Club members in London estimates that each car club car results in at least eight existing cars being sold by car club members.  

Evidence from car club user surveys suggests that on joining a car club a typical member’s overall car use decreases whilst their use of alternative modes (walking, cycling and public transport) increases. This reduces traffic and improves air quality.

The shift from private vehicles to car club vehicles, which are generally more modern and fuel-efficient, also brings about benefits in terms of reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact Car Club

For more information on the Car Club in the Royal Borough please contact Enterprise, ZipCar or Ubeeqo.