Suspension payments

The way all suspension applications are processed changed from 11 April 2016.

Further, from the end of April 2017, all credit cards will incur a 1.25% fee. (We do not accept Amex or Diners Club cards)

We will submit an invoice by email to the applicant once the application is processed. The invoice will give details of

  • the suspension requested,
  • the cost of the suspension and,
  • It will also indicate a date and time for final receipt of payment.

Please note:

  • Payment must be received in full before the suspension can be approved and before signs are placed on-street.
  • Failure to make payment by the deadline will result in the suspension being declined.
  • The applicant is responsible for contacting the Parking Suspension Team to ensure that payment is made on time.   

Check the period of notice required before applying for a bay suspension.

For any suspension related queries or for more information about the change, call us on 020 7361 4385 or email