Junior road safety

Junior Travel Ambassador (JTA) scheme

Junior Travel Ambassadors (JTA) scheme is a programme designed for primary school pupils to take the lead in promoting safe, active and independent travel within their school communities.


A JTA noticeboard can keep school friends and colleagues up to date with what your JTA team are doing. You could include:

  • information and photos of your team so that people know who you are
  • updates about how you are promoting road safety


A JTA assembly is a great way to communicate road safety issues to other children. You can use an assembly to:

  • focus on road safety or travel-related topics
  • introduce the JTA team to the rest of the school
  • address specific issues about the journey to or from school such as a particular crossing or wearing high visbility clothing during winter


Running competitions can be a really exciting way to get everyone interested and raise awareness. Ideas include:

  • designing road safety posters
  • writing road safety related stories
  • recording songs

Our Road Safety and Active Team can support schools by providing prizes.

School travel plans

JTA teams can support school travel plans and inititiatives such as:

  • helping with hands-up surveys which ask how pupils usually travel to school
  • supporting staff to carry out pupil consultations
  • administrating the Walking on Wednesdays scheme

Parking monitors

Parking can be a real problem for some schools if some parents park irresponsibly to drop off and collect their children. JTA parking monitors can help talking to parents and advising them about parking safely.

Contact us

If you would like to have Junior Travel Ambassadors in your primary school emailĀ [email protected].

Last updated: 29 November 2019