Extend a suspension

Write to, or fax, our customer services section. We must receive your written request by 3pm on the working day previous to your suspension running out.

Where chargeable days are not booked as cumulative, seven consecutive days are required between the end of an application and the start of a new one for the same location and by same applicant.

If you don't extend your suspension before it runs out:

  • the bay or bays you wanted to suspend will be available to the public again; and
  • we will treat your request as a new application and will need at least ten or two working days' notice to carry out your suspension, depending on the type of bay.

You need to pay the extra suspension fees when you apply for an extension.

If you have suspended a parking space and you finish using it early, you must confirm that to us by fax. If you are entitled to a refund, we will send it to you. We only pay refunds for whole days.

If you have only used the suspended bay for part of the day and you no longer need it, please contact us by fax so that we can lift the suspension as soon as possible. This is to reduce the amount of inconvenience caused to resident permit holders.