Parking suspensions

Parking bays can be suspended for road works, removals, CTMPs and other events. Find out how to apply for a suspension, notice periods required, and what it costs.

Parking suspensions

Find out when you need apply for a parking suspension.

Apply for a suspension

Find out how to apply for a parking suspension including how much notice you need to give and renewals.

Submit online parking suspension

Apply for a parking suspension using our online form.

Suspension costs

Find out the cost to suspend a parking bay.

Extend a suspension

If you need to extend a suspension, send us a written request by 3pm on the working day before it runs out.

Search suspension

You can check online for information on parking suspensions booked in any road of the Royal Borough, and sign up for suspension alerts.

Yellow line dispensations

Find out when you can apply for a yellow line dispensation, how to apply and costs.

Terms and conditions

Parking bay suspension information and terms and conditions.