Single yellow line dispensations

We issue single yellow line dispensations for vehicles to load or unload in locations where there are no suitable parking bays and when it is necessary for the vehicle to be very close to the premises, such as glaziers' vehicles, mobile workshops or gas bottle deliveries.

When you have finished loading or unloading, you must move your vehicle and park it elsewhere.

You do not need a single yellow line dispensation for removal vans, scaffolding lorries and mobile asphalt mixers, as long as the vehicle is in constant use.

We do not grant single yellow line dispensations to cars, people carriers, four-wheel-drive vehicles or minibuses.

Please note: you can load or unload on a single yellow line for up to 40 minutes without a single yellow line dispensation but you must be loading or unloading continuously.

How much does it cost?

The fee charged for single yellow line dispensation for applications submitted from 1 April 2015 is the following:

The fee will apply for each chargeable day, per space required:

Chargeable days

Fee per day,

per space

From 1 to 5 days


From 6 to 42 days


From 43 or more days


Each space is defined as 16 feet (or five metres) long.

How to apply for a single yellow line dispensation

NOTICE:  Return forms by post to: RBKC Parking Services, PO Box 67735, London W6 6FX

Download the the Single yellow line dispensation application form.

Single yellow line dispensation application form (one vehicle per form)

  or you can:

  • email your name and postal address to:,
  • visit the Customer Service Centre at Kensington Town Hall,  Hornton Street, London W8 7NX or
  • phone 020 7361 4385 to request a form.


  • you must give us at least 48 hours' notice
  • we can only issue a dispensation notice when we have the vehicle registration number. Only one vehicle per application:
  • our parking suspension officers will then check where your single yellow line dispensation will be before we give you approval
  • you pay your fee before we issue the single yellow line dispensation
  • if you finish with the single yellow line dispensation early, you will be entitled to a refund (we will work out the refund for each whole day from the day you return the dispensation to us)


Red routes


To apply for a dispensation to load and unload on a red route, please contact the Metropolitan Police Traffic Wardens on 020 7321 8548.