Managing construction traffic

Construction Traffic Management Plans

New developments of all scales can include demolitions, excavations and construction traffic. If these are not managed properly they can have a serious impact on:

  • parking availability
  • traffic flow
  • road safety
  • residential amenity
  • pedestrian convenience

We make sure that any new developments that could cause disruption submit a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP).

This plan will generally, but not only, be required by way of a condition on planning permissions. Contents should include:

  • routing of demolition, excavation and construction vehicles
  • access arrangements to the site
  • the estimated number of vehicles per day/week
  • details of the vehicle holding area
  • details of the vehicle call up procedure
  • estimates for the number and type of parking suspensions that will be required
  • details of any diversion, disruption or other abnormal use of the public highway during demolition, excavation and construction works
  • a strategy for coordinating the connection of services on site with any programmed work to utilities upon adjacent land
  • work programme and/or timescale for each phase of the demolition, excavation and construction works
  • where works cannot be contained wholly within the site a plan should be submitted showing the site layout on the highway including extent of hoarding, pedestrian routes, parking bay suspensions and remaining road width for vehicle movements

Planning consent

Where the CTMP is required as a condition of planning consent you will be in breach of your planning permission and liable to enforcement if you do not first have your CTMP formally approved by the Department of Planning and Borough Development.

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