Official local authority search

Official local land charge search

An official local land charge search can be made up of up to three parts: LLC1, Con29R and Con29O. You can send us these forms separately or combined in any order.

We don't have forms at the Council but you can buy them from a law stationer.

LLC1 form

The LLC1 form searches the Local Land Charges Register and is made up of 12 parts:

  • part 1: general financial charges
  • part 2: specific financial charges
  • part 3: planning charges
  • part 4: miscellaneous charges
  • part 5: fenland ways maintenance charges
  • part 6: land compensation charges
  • part 7: new towns charges
  • part 8: civil aviation charges
  • part 9: opencast coal charges
  • part 10: listed buildings charges
  • part 11: light obstruction notices
  • part 12: drainage scheme charges

Items held on the register are called charges and include permissions, prohibitions or restrictions affecting a property. They can also secure sums of money that may be owing to the local authority.

To be defined as a local land charge they must be binding on successive owners or occupiers of a property. Examples of local land charges include:

  • planning permissions
  • conservation area designation
  • tree preservation orders
  • article 4 directions
  • section 106 notices
  • enforcement notices
  • financial charges
  • listed building status

Only the registering authority can issue and sign an official LLC1 search certificate.

The Con29R form

The Con29R can reveal information that may not be held on the Local Land Charge Register. This could include information that is not classed as a local land charge such as highway status, or conditional planning permissions granted before the Land Charges Act and Rules came into effect.

The form is completed by different departments in the local authority and contains a standard set of enquiries agreed by central government, the Law Society and local authorities. It covers three main areas:

  • planning and building regulations
  • roads
  • other matters

Con29O form

The Con29O form contains 19 optional questions. You can request any number of these for the set fee. 

  • Q4: road proposals by private bodies
  • Q5: advertisements
  • Q6: completion Notices
  • Q7: parks and countryside
  • Q8: gas pipelines
  • Q9: houses in multiple occupation
  • Q10: noise abatement
  • Q11: urban development areas
  • Q12: enterprise zones, local development orders and bids
  • Q13: inner urban improvement areas
  • Q14: simplified planning zones
  • Q15: land maintenance notices
  • Q16: mineral consultation and safeguarding areas
  • Q17: hazardous substance consents
  • Q18: environmental and pollution notices
  • Q19: food safety notices
  • Q20: hedgerow notices
  • Q21: flood defence and land drainage consents
  • Q22: common land and town or village green