Assets of community value

What is an assest of community value?

A building or land is an asset of community value (ACV) if its main use furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community.

Community groups can nominate a building or piece of land to become an asset and be added to our ACV register. If we accept a nomination and the current owner decides to sell the asset, we'll notify the community group and give them time to raise funds to buy it.

Who can nominate?

Any eligible voluntary and community organisation can make a nomination, and there is no fee.

We consider all submissions against a set of criteria, as well as consulting the owner. Approved assets stay on our register for five years. The owner also has the right to have the decision reviewed.

Selling assets of community value

If the owner of a listed asset decides to sell it, they need to inform us. We will then inform the local community group. Private sales are put hold for six weeks to give the community group an opportunity to decide if they want to make a bid.

If they do want to bid for the asset, private sales are put on hold for a further six months. This gives the community group time to raise funds to submit a bid. At the end of the six-month period, the owner is under no obligation to sell the asset to the nominating community group.

If the owner goes on to sell the asset within a year, the new owner can apply to have the property removed from the ACV register.

How to nominate

Eligible community group can submit nominations. They need show evidence that the building or land will benefit their community's social interests.

Read these useful guidance notes before you make your nomination:

Guidance Notes

You can nominate properties in Kensington and Chelsea using these forms:

Editable ACV Nomination Form [Word] (file size 45Kb) You will need Word installed on your computer to open this document.

PDF ACV Nomination Form [PDF] (file size 91Kb)

Editable ACV Intention to Bid Form [Word] (file size 45 Kb) You will need Word installed on your computer to open this document.

PDF ACV Intention to Bid Form [PDF] (file size 105Kb)

List of assets of community value

List of Assets of Community Value

List of Unsuccessful Assets of Community Value Nominations

Reference numberName of propertyProperty addressNominating community interest groupReasons for refusal
ACV/14/03792Clifton NurseriesNursery Lane, LONDON, W10 6QDSt Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood ForumThe Clifton Nurseries site is not currently, nor in the recent past has it been, in a use that furthers the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community. The definition of land of community value as set out in Section 88 of the Localism Act 2011 is therefore not satisfied and the nomination is refused.
ACV/15/00135Kensington Park Hotel139 Ladbroke Grove, LONDON, W10 6HJKPH UnitedThe nominating group (KPH United) did not qualify to make a nomination.
ACV/19/03474South Kensington Post Office41 Brompton Road, London, SW7 3JGKensington Society

The property was Operational Land as defined by S263 of TCPA 1990 while operating as a crown post office. As such, it was defined in legislation as being not land of community value.

The now vacant Property fails to meet the definition of an ACV as it is not currently serving a community function and as operational land was not of community value in the recent past as defined by the LA2011 and ACVR 2012

The Property does not meet the definition of an asset of community value as set out in Section 88 of the LA 2011.

ACV/21/01607Piazza – south of South Kensington Underground StationProperty to the South of South Kensington Station, South Kensington Underground Station, Pelham Street, LONDON, SW7 2NBPelham Residents AssociationThe Property is “operational land” within the meaning of section 263 of the 1990 Act and thus is not land of community value pursuant to Regulation 3 and paragraph 4 of Schedule 1 to the ACV Regulations. The Property is also ancillary to the surrounding highway network.


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