Consult on your neighbourhood plan

Consult on a neighbourhood plan

Before you submit a neighbourhood plan proposal to us, you need to publicise it.

Your proposal must be available to anyone who lives or works in the area for a minimum six weeks so that people have an opportunity to comment.

How to publicise your proposal

There are different ways of telling your community about your proposal such as:

  • putting your plan on your neighbourhood forum website
  • publicising it in local libraries
  • hosting a consultation event
  • leafleting local homes and businesses

You need to include details about:

  • what your neighbourhood plan proposals are
  • where and when people can see the proposals
  • how people can comment 
  • deadline for any comments

Who to consult

Neighbourhood plans affect everyone living and working locally so you need to consult as many people as possible including groups like:

  • community groups and societies 
  • faith groups 
  • disabled groups 
  • local businesses 
  • young people 
  • older people 
  • voluntary groups

You could also consult other bodies if their interests could be affected by your neighbourhood plan. These might be:

  • Mayor of London
  • The Homes and Communities Agency 
  • Natural England 
  • The Environment Agency 
  • English Heritage 
  • Network Rail Infrastructure Limited 
  • The Highways Agency

You also need to send a copy of your neighbourhood plan proposal to:
Jonathan Bore, Executive Director of Planning and Borough Development