E-scooter trial

The Council is taking part in the London hire e-scooter trial, coordinated by Transport for London and London Councils.  Residents and visitors can rent, ride and park e-scooters  at designated parking places in the borough

The trial has been established to test the capacity of e-scooters to offer an alternative to car trips - improving the transport system and reducing carbon emissions, and contribute to recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, in particular the need to provide safe, green and sustainable alternatives to public transport and to avoid a damaging car-based recovery.

Safety is at the core of the trial throughout, with scooters only allowed on roads and cycleways, not pavements. The trial will help us understand whether and how these vehicles can be safely accommodated in the borough. 

The three operators selected have been assessed on their ability to meet strict safety requirements and high operating standards, putting safety first and ensuring that the trial is responsibly managed for the benefit of everybody in London. Like all other vehicles, e-scooters will be banned from riding on pavements but will be able to use the same spaces as bicycles.

This trial is the only legal way of riding e-scooters in public places within London. Private use of e-scooters in any public place remains illegal, and the Metropolitan Police will undertake enforcement activity to deal with illegal e-scooters. TfL, London Councils and the boroughs will continue to work closely with stakeholders – including the Metropolitan Police - to ensure that the trial meets the needs of everybody living in, working in and visiting the trial area. 

To provide feedback on the scheme, please visit TfL’s consultation and feedback website.

E-scooter operators

Dott, Lime and Tier have been selected to provide rental e-scooters across the trial area. Users can sign up to an operator’s app to hire their e-scooters and can then use the e-scooters across the entire trial area. Initially between 60 and 150 e-scooters are available to rent in RBKC. 

Each e-scooter is clearly marked with a unique identifying number and contact details for the operator. For any operational or parking issues the operator should be contacted in the first instance. 







E-scooter parking

Journeys can only begin and end in an approved parking bay, and these are clearly marked and distributed across the borough.  Geo-fencing technology will help to ensure that e-scooters are not parked outside of these designated spaces and hires will only be able to be completed once the e-scooter is parked in a designated bay. It is expected that we will add to this network of parking places as the trial progresses and we welcome suggestions for additional parking locations.

E-scooter Parking Locations


Location Capacity Type Postcode
Kensal Road 10 Footway W10 5AW
Portobello Road/Athlone Gardens 10 Footway W10 5SG
Kelfield Gardens 6 Footway W10 6JW
High Lever Road 10 Footway W10 6PA
Leisure Centre/Bomore Road 10 Footway W11 4PQ
Notting Hill Gate/CZE Embassy 6 Footway W8 4QY
Kensington Town Hall 9 Footway W8 4NR
Gloucester Road 6 Footway SW7 4SF
South Kensington Station 11 Footway SW7 2NA
Sloane Square 1 7 Footway SW1W 8AQ
Sloane Square 2 6 Footway SW1W 8AQ
Kings Road/Royal Avenue 7 Footway SW3 4QF
Kings Road/Worlds End Place 12 Footway SW10 0LR
Walmer Road/Pottery Lane 10 Carriageway W11 4XG
Kensington Park Road (double width) 20 Carriageway W11 3BS
Ladbroke Grove/Kensington Park Gardens 10 Footway W11 3HA
Ladbroke Grove Station 6 Footway W10 6HJ
Talbot Road 10 Carriageway W11 2AT
Bonchurch Road/Wheatstone Road 6 Footway W10 5SG

To contact the Council about the trial please contact escooters@rbkc.gov.uk.

Last updated: 21 July 2021