The adoption assessment process


Information seeking

  • Potential Adopters request information from the local authority. Information provided within ten working days

  • Potential adopters attend an Adoption information event

  • Potential adopters meet with a social worker either in their home or the office for further information and discussion

  • Potential adopters submit their registration of interest form (ROI)

  • Agency decision within five working days

Stage 1:  Pre-Assessment Process (two months)

  • Stage one agreement completed

    • 1. Applicants attend a one-day ‘Introduction to Adoption’ preparation workshop

    • 2. Self assessment workbook completed

    • 3. Statutory checks completed


  • Agency decision within five working days

    • 1. Potential adopters notify the agency in writing of their intention to proceed to stage two. Potential adopters now referred to as prospective adopters

    • 2. Break of up to six months agreed between adopter and agency

Stage 2 The Assessment Process (four months)

  • Stage 2 agreement completed

    • 1. One to one interview sessions with your assessing social worker

    • 2. Group preparation training

  • Allocated social worker completes the Prospective Adopters Report incorporating information obtained during stage one and stage two. You will be given five working days to read and comment on the report

  • Prospective adopters attend panel for approval

  • Agency decision-maker ratifies panel’s recommendation

The adoption process



  • • Child identified • Visit from Social Worker • If match considered suitable Matching Report prepared and presented to Panel

Placement of Children

  • • Planning meeting • Introductions • Placement of child/children into family


  • • Adoption application lodged • Reports prepared • Court hearing • Adoption order granted

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