About recycling

Information on how and what we recycle, your responsibilities, and the services we offer.


There are many reasons to recycle - it saves energy, natural resources and money.

We issue clear recycling bags to help you recycle responsibly and avoid putting the wrong items out for recycling. This includes items such as food, dirty packaging, plastic wrappers, shredded paper, polystyrene, tissues and textiles. Clear recycling bags helps our recycling collectors spot incorrect items in the bags.

Clear recycling bags are delivered every three months to all residents receiving collections from a private storage area or the kerbside. Residents can still continue to use orange recycling bags until they run out.

Read more about how and what to recycle, and do your bit to help to save the planet.


How to recycle

We aim to make recycling as easy and convenient as possible. There are two schemes in place for the collection of recyclable materials:

  • Clear bag recycling for residents whose recycling and rubbish is collected from directly outside their property (kerbside collection).
  • Mixed bank recycling for residents living in mansion blocks, flats and estates.

If you are unsure which recycling service you receive please call Streetline on 020 7361 3001.

Yes please!

  • clean and dry card, cardboard, unshredded paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories and envelopes
  • clean and empty glass containers, glass bottles and jars (take metal lids off and put them loose in your recycling)
  • clean and empty food and drink cartons including Tetra Pak, (squash and put plastic lids on)
  • clean and empty cans and tins
  • clean and empty plastic bottles, (squash and put plastic lids on), pots, tubs and trays

We only want these clean and dry items in your recycling bag or bank. Rinse any item that has contained food or drink and flatten cardboard, cartons and plastic bottles (you can keep plastic lids on).

No thanks

  • no food waste or oil
  • no garden waste
  • no clothes, shoes or textiles
  • no other plastics including soft plastics like carrier bags, polystyrene or cling film
  • no wood, building or DIY materials, including paint
  • no metals (other than cans)
  • no shredded paper
  • no nappies
  • no Pyrex glass
  • no light bulbs
  • no batteries
  • no aerosol cans


If in doubt, leave it out!

Placing other items in your recycling bag or bank will contaminate the recycling and it will be sent for incineration. Ensure all items are empty and clean and do not put recycling in black bags as it will be incinerated with your normal rubbish.


Useful information


Garden waste collection

The Council offers a garden waste collection service for an annual subscription. A special collection crew will collect your garden waste for composting on a fortnightly basis. See the Garden Waste Collection page for more information.

See the Home composting tips page for more information about composting at home.

The Council has teamed up with getcomposting.com to provide subsidised compost bins and wormeries for residents. Please see our Garden waste page for further information.

Food waste recycling

The Council currently operates a limited food waste collection service for properties in the north and south of the borough. For more information, please visit our food waste recycling page.

Mini recycling centres

There are mini recycling centres located around the borough, each having up to five mixed recycling banks on site.  You can recycle the same items as listed above. In addition, most mini recycling centres offer separate facilities to recycle textiles, shoes, and books.  See the mini recycling centres page.

Recycling at school

The Royal Borough aims to have recycling available to all schools in the borough. We offer a comprehensive range of services to schools to encourage recycling. To find out more about please telephone Streetline on 020 7361 3001 and ask to speak to the Recycling team.

Recycling and refuse amenity sites (public tips)

Residents can take their unwanted household items, free of charge, to the following Recycling and Refuse Amenity Site situated in Wandsworth. Find out more at Amenity Skips and Rubbish Tips.

Textile and electrical (WEEE) recycling

We are working with TRAID to make recycling textiles and small to medium-sized waste electrical and electronic equipment  easier for residents. Find out how to recycle your textiles and unwanted electrical and electronic equipment.