Clear bag recycling

Clear bag recycling

Using clear recycling bags encourages everyone to recycle properly and allows our collection crew to spot any incorrect items in the bags.

We deliver packs of 22 clear recycling bags per property every three months to all residents who put their recycling and rubbish on their doorstep for collection. If you don’t receive these, please call Streetline on 020 7361 3001.

Clear recycling bag schedule 2021-22


Collection days

We collect recycling and rubbish at the same time. We put the recycling bags in a separate compartment at the back of the lorry.

Leave your clear bag of recycling outside with your black rubbish bag on your scheduled collection day(s).

Check your collection day. 


Before you recycle

There is no need to separate recyclable materials – all recycling goes in the same clear bag.

Before you recycle, make sure all items are:

  • clean
  • dry
  • empty


  • wash anything that's had food or drink in it
  • flatten cardboard and cartons
  • squash plastic bottles (you can keep plastic lids on)


We recycle

  • card, cardboard, unshredded paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories and envelopes
  • glass containers, bottles and jars (take metal lids off and put them loose in your recycling)
  • food and drink cartons including Tetra Pak type food and drink cartons
  • metal containers, tins and cans
  • plastic containers, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays


We don't recycle

  • food waste
  • garden waste
  • clothes, shoes or textiles
  • other plastics including carrier bags, polystyrene or cling film
  • wood, building or DIY materials
  • foil or metals (other than cans)
  • shredded paper
  • nappies including used nappies
  • broken glass or Pyrex glass
  • light bulbs
  • batteries
  • aerosol cans


Useful tips

  • Don't put your recycling in regular black bags as it will be incinerated with your normal rubbish.
  • Wait until your recycling bag is full before you put it out for collection. But be careful not to overfill just in case it splits.
  • If you're unsure if something is recyclable, leave it out.
  • Return unwanted recycling bags by contacting Streetline on 020 7361 3001.
  • Use container bins or mini recycling centres for your recycling if you have access to them - recyclable items can go straight into these loose.


Extra clear bags

If you run out of clear bags we can supply more.

Order more clear bags.