Textile recycling

TRAID's free home collection service for unwanted electric and electrical equipment and textiles, is now operating and taking bookings.

If you throw old textiles away they end up in a landfill site where can they can produce harmful toxins. Recycling wearable clothes is more environmentally friendly and lowers the amount of resources that go into making new ones.

Where to recycle textiles

The Council partners with the charity TRAID to recycle unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories.

Before you contact TRAID:

  • tie pairs of shoes together
  • make sure you have a minimum of one bin liner's worth of clothing
  • check shoes, clothing and accessories are clean and good quality

To recycle your textiles:

  • call TRAID on 020 8733 2595 or use the online booking form at the bottom of the page
  • put your unwanted shoes, clothes and accessories in a bag
  • a collector will call on the Saturday following your request between 9am and 12 noon (if you notify TRAID before 1pm the previous Friday)

TRAID also collect waste electronic and electrical equipment.

Read more about TRAID.

Other ways to recycle textiles

The Council doesn't collect textiles so don't put them for recycling in your recycling bag or mixed recycling bank. To recycle textiles:

  • use a charity textile bank at a mini recycling centre
  • take your unwanted clothes to your local charity shop

Useful tips

Minimise textile waste by:

  • repairing damaged clothes
  • using old textiles as cleaning cloths or rags
  • organising clothes swapping parties with your friends and family

Complete this form to arrange a collection by TRAID.