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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

The Registrars department at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has a long history of excellent customer service and your views are important to help us further improve the service that we provide.

If you have used one of our services, we are keen to hear your views on the service you received. Whether this was for a happy occasion such as a marriage ceremony or the registration of a birth, or a sadder occasion such as the registration of a death of a loved one. Your views are important to us so that we can understand what we are doing well, and what we can improve on.

We would therefore be extremely grateful if you were able to take a minute to complete our short survey. All responses are anonymous and will be used solely for the purpose of improving our customer service.

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Our Service Delivery Agreement

The Registration Service Delivery Plan encourages good practice and outlines our commitment to the service delivery standards contained in the Code of Practice for Local Registration Authorities in England and Wales. This code of practice is complemented by a good practice guide which provides information on specific national standards we must meet, together with aspirational standards.

The details are contained in our Registration Service Delivery Plan:

Our Performance

Our performance against six key performance indicators, published in our Registration Service Delivery Plan, is shown below. Owing to pandemic, our performance standards were lower than usual.


Good Practice Guide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  1. Events accurately registered within statutory timeframe

    i) National Standard: 98% of births and still-births registered within 42 days
    Our Performance: 95% of births and 100% of still-births
    ii) National Standard: 90% of non-coronial deaths registered within 5 days
    Our Performance: 86%
    iii) National Standard: Declare percentage of coronial deaths (excluding post mortem and inquest cases) registered within 5 days
    Our Performance: 32%
    iv) National Standard: Declare percentage of deaths after post mortem (excluding inquest cases) registered within 7 days
    Our Performance: 9%
    v) National Standard: Declare percentage of deaths registered within 24 hours of receipt of coroner’s certificate after inquest
    Our Performance: 100%

  2. Average waiting times

    i) National Standard: 95% of customers able to obtain an appointment to register a birth or birth declaration within 5 working days
    Our Performance: 66%
    ii) National Standard: 95% of customers able to obtain an appointment to register a death or still-birth, including declarations, within 2 working days
    Our Performance: Deaths 98% and still-births 100%
    iii) National Standard: 95% of customers able to obtain an appointment to give notice within 10 working days
    Our Performance: 65%
    iv) National Standard: 90% of customers with an appointment were seen within 10 minutes of their appointment time
    Our Performance: 91%

  3. Issue certificates from deposited registers

    i) National Standard: 95% of certificate applications from deposited registers to be dealt with within 7 days of receipt
    Our Performance: 99%

  4. Citizenship Certificates

    i) National Standard: 100% of notifications for Citizenship certificates dated correctly and sent to the Home Office within 14 days of the ceremony
    Our Performance: 100%

  5. Offer facility for forms of declaration for birth, still-birth and deaths

    i) National Standard: 95% of incoming declarations registered within 24 hours of receipt
    Our Performance: 97%

  6. Customer satisfaction

    i) National Standard: 95% of customers satisfied with our service
    Our Performance: 99%
    In 2021-22 the Kensington and Chelsea Registration Service received 7 complaints and 341 written instances of praise.

You Commented, We Listened, The Result 

You Commented We Listened The Result
You told us that you wanted more availability for ceremonies, as you weren’t able to proceed with your ceremony during the Covid-19 pandemic We increased our ceremony availability, without comprising quality of service in other areas such as births and deaths 2407 couples had their ceremony with us in 2021-22, a 114% increase
You told us that you wanted more availability for citizenship ceremonies We increased our availability for citizenship ceremonies, offering both virtual and in-person options for group and private ceremonies 2936 of you naturalised as British citizens with our office in 2021-22, a 155% increase
You told us that despite the effects of the pandemic, you did not want to have to wait longer for an appointment We increased our appointment availability to ensure that any potential appointment backlogs were mitigated before they had a change to appear 9626 of you had an appointment with us in 2021-22 (a 12% increase) without having to wait a long time for an appointment
You told us that paying for our services face to face should be easier We worked with our internal Finance team to introduce new card payment machines which are wireless and can accept contactless payments Wireless, contactless payment terminals are in the process of being rolled out at our office for those preferring to pay in person rather than in advance online
You told us that you wanted better music provision in weddings ceremonies, and the option to broadcast ceremonies We took considerable effort to procure a system that could meet this requirement We installed new music systems in our ceremony rooms with built-in music libraries, allowing you to select your own wedding playlist, and also introduced webcams so that those who couldn’t attend your ceremony in person could still watch it, live
You confirmed to us that high quality customer service is of paramount importance when you use our services We confirmed this to our staff, and delivered an 8 week customer service training course to improve our customer service standards yet further Our complaints fell from 11 to 7 (from around 80,000 customer interactions) and our instances of written praise increased significantly

Customer Charter for Kensington and Chelsea Register Office

Last updated: 13 May 2022