Cemetery services

Borough cemeteries

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea owns and manages two cemeteries at Gunnersbury and Hanwell:

Gunnersbury Cemetery

Founded in 1929, Gunnersbury Cemetery is situated adjacent to Gunnersbury Park and occupies approximately 8.9 hectares of land. 

The main office covering both of the borough's cemeteries is located here. There are toilet facilities and car parking spaces for 45 cars. The cemetery also contains a chapel which has an induction loop fitted, an electric piano organ and a selection of suitable CD music for services. A Garden of Remembrance affords the interment of cremated remains.

The cemetery entrance drive is lined with displays of colourful flower tubs and floral bedding arrangements, including flowering shrubs such as camellias and roses along the side walls.

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Hanwell Cemetery

Founded in 1855, Hanwell Cemetery is approximately 7.7 hectares in size and generously planted with coniferous and deciduous trees, including holly and yew, which also line the entrance drive.

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Cemetery services

The Cemeteries Division aims to provide a sensitive and a caring service to users of the cemeteries, including:

  • administration and organisation of burial arrangements
  • attendance at interments
  • ensuring compliance with the associated legal requirements and Burial Codes of Practice

A 'maintained grave' service is also available for seasonal planting and maintenance of graves and covers:

  • the sale of grave spaces for future use
  • the issue of permits for the erection of monuments
  • the transfer of grave ownership and grave spaces

Cemetery Office

In light of current Government advice, the office has been closed to members of the public. All enquiries should be made via telephone, 020 8992 2924, or email cemetery.office@rbkc.gov.uk. The office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm. The office is closed on weekends and Bank Holidays.

Visiting cemetery grounds

Our cemeteries remain open to the public. We ask visitors to remember the importance of social distancing, and to follow the rules regarding no mass gatherings. Please continue to respect the personal space of others within the cemetery grounds.


The cemetery remains open for burials, but funeral attendance is limited to family or close friends only and this must not exceed 30 people.

For the protection of our staff we are unable to accommodate witnessed backfills at this time.

Government guidance advises that only one funeral ceremony should be held, either at a place of worship or at the cemetery. Please take this into consideration when booking a funeral.

Cemetery opening hours

The cemeteries' grounds are open to visitors from 9am daily. Closing times vary according to season:

Opening hoursMondays to SaturdaysSundays (and Bank Holidays)
January, November and December9am - 4.30pm9am - 4.30pm
February, March and October9am - 5.30pm9am - 5.30pm
April, May and September9am - 7pm9am - 6pm
June, July and August9am - 8pm9am - 7pm

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day: 9am to 4.30pm.

Fees and charges

Interment Fees

Public Grave (Gunnersbury Cemetery only)

Includes cost of shared headstone

Still-born/infants to 30 days210.00210.00
Child up to 12 years959.001918.00
Person exceeding 13 years1917.003833.00

Private Grave (Gunnersbury / Hanwell cemeteries)

Still-born/infants to 30 days210.00420.00
Child up to 12 years959.001918.00
Person exceeding 13 years1917.003833.00
Coffin longer than 6'9" and/or
wider than 29"
Casket ( any size)2398.004796.00
Additional fee outside 1 0am-
4pm Monday - Friday

Ashes Grave 

Single interment380.00762.00
Double interment571.001142.00
Triple interment762.001523.00
Private grave space prices - Gunnersbury cemetery

Standard grave 7'x3'

For 1 interment 3050.006100.00
For 2 interments2894.005786.00
For 3 interments2734.005468.00
For 1 interment2285.004575.00
For 2 interment2170.004338.00
For 3 interment2050.004100.00

Small grave 6'6"x2'6"

For 1 interment3356.006711.00
For 2 interment3177.006355.00
For 3 interment3000.006000.00
For 1 interment2283.004566.00
For 2 interment2159.004318.00
For 3 interment2040.004080.00

Ashes grave 3'x2'

For 1 interment (maximum 4 caskets)971.001941.00
Private grave space prices - Hanwell cemetery

Small grave 6'6" x 2'6"

For 1 interment1142.002284.00
For 2 interments1085.002170.00
For 3 interments1024.002047.00
For 1 interment914.001827.00
For 2 interments873.001746.00
For 3 interments821.001642.00

Private grave "In Readiness"

Small grave 6'6" x 2'6"

For 1 interment1714.003429.00
For 2 interments1628.003257.00
For 3 interments1538.003075.00
For 1 interment1372.002745.00
For 2 interments1310.002619.00
For 3 interments1232.002463.00
Memorial permits

Gunnersbury and Hanwell cemeteries

Garden of remembrance114.00228.00
Small / Standard grave238.00474.00

Large / Double grave

Additions / Alterations to existing masonry116.00
Additional inscriptions65.00130.00
Renovations / Lift and levelF.O.C
Inspection of staking of weak memorials25.50
Inspection of bonding of weak crosses85.00
Memorial bench plus annual maintenance (excluding inscription)1,030.00
Removal and replacement of memorials

 Small / StandardLargeDouble
Headstone only 2'6" - 3'6"339.15451.50n/a
Full memorial 2'6" - 3'6"673.05898.801813.35
Grave maintenance service

ServiceSmallStandardLarge / DoubleGarden of remembrance
Planting twice per annum246.00274.00382.50125.00
Washing of memorial (6 times per annum)91.0091.00139.0047.00
Miscellaneous fees

Registering change of ownership103.00
Replacement deed of grant59.00
Life and re-level of memorial97.00
Intervening grave strips (must own botbh adjoining plots)558.00

Searches of burial register

Per year searched32.00
Certified copy of entry23.00



Chapel fees

Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm (per hour) *Electric piano/organ available104.00
Monday - Friday (outside of normal hours)104.00


From time to time people from abroad make requests for the remains of friends or family buried in Britain to be exhumed and taken back to their native home. In order to protect the health of the grave workers and surrounding population, the Council's Environmental Health service must be notified of such cases and our agreement sought on the health precautions to be taken.

Last updated: 30 March 2021