Exported and Imported foods

Exported foods

If your business exports foods out of the UK you may need a health certificate, especially the product is of animal origin.

We charge businesses for this service. 

If you require an export certificate contact the Environmental Health Team.

Imported foods

Foods imported into the European Union may contain diseases which could harm animal and public health. There are regulations in place to control importing and the sale of imported food.

If illegally imported foods are found at your business, officers may seize and destroy them. You may also be charged costs for disposal of the food and you could face prosecution.

As a food business you must:

  • know where your food comes from
  • be able to identify a supplier's name and address of any item during an inspection
  • ensure food traceability documents are available, such as invoices and receipts
  • always use reputable suppliers
  • never use suppliers who are unable to provide their contact details, invoices or receipts

If you need advice about an imported food product contact the Environmental Health Team.


Last updated: 9 July 2020