Food Safety


Food Safety A to Z

Check out the A - Z of food safety to ensure that the food you, store, prepare and sell is safe to eat.


Find out more about how to prevent or deal with an allergic reaction, and your responsibilities as a business owner


Owners of all food premises have a responsibility to comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and other regulations such as the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995.

Barbeque safety

Information about barbecue safety and fire safety including ways to prevent food poisoning and cross-contamination.

Cleaning, waste management and pest control

How to keep your food premises clean, and provide a safe and pleasant working environment

Christmas food safety

Cooking advice, food safety details when defrosting and cooking turkey or other birds and guidance on storing leftover food safely.

Fitness to work

Information on food handling responsibility. This includes advice on handwashing, a checklist for good hygiene practice and more.

Food poisoning

Information on food poisoning including symptoms, common causes and ways to prevent the spread of infection.

Genetically Modified Foods

Information on regulations for genetically modified foods and ingredients which must be included on food labels or displayed next to food.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Information about hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) for food safety management procedures.

Healthier Catering Commitment

Healthy Catering Commitment, Healthy Catering Commitment Award scheme for food outlets which offer healthier food options

Infectious diseases

A list of infectious diseases which must be reported to your local authority

Kitchen equipment advice (commercial)

Advice on maintaining your kitchen equipment including fridges, freezers, microwaves and more.

Food business registration

How to register a food business.

Rice, poultry and eggs

How to store and prepare rice, poultry and eggs

Safer food, better business

Information about the safer food, better business approach to food safety management for small businesses.

Safety in the workplace

How to avoid accidents in food premises

Food safety - useful information

A list of sources of information relating to food safety

Vegetarian guide to food hygiene

Food hygiene information for those who work in a vegetarian food business

Food safety pack

The Food Safety Pack provides useful checklists, notes and guidelines to help your food premises clean and safe.

Approved premises

Information for certain food businesses who will require approval from the Council before they start trading and how to apply.

What we do

Our Food Safety Team offer advice to businesses and will take formal action to make sure they comply with legal requirements.

Food safety inspections and enforcement

Information on how the Council keeps a check on food safety in the borough

Food alerts

Information about food alerts which are issued by the Food Standards Agency when food products should not be sold.

Food complaints

How and when to make a complaint to our Food Safety team.

Food hygiene rating

The food hygiene rating scheme is run in partnership with the Food Standards Agency.

Food standards

Information on food standards including advice for businesses and legislation.

Exported and Imported foods

Guidance for food businesses about importing and exporting food.

Private water supplies

Information about requirements of private water supplies including the need to carry out water sampling and risk assessments.

Allergens and labelling

Guidance on allergens and labelling from The Food Information Regulations 2014. They apply to all businesses supplying food to the public.

Useful websites relating to food safety

Useful websites for food safety advice including the Foods Standards Agency, Public Health England and the Department of Health.

Food information regulations

Information about food information regulations and EU food information for consumer regulations which came into force on 13 December 2011.

Making it easier to appeal

Making it easier for businesses to appeal

Outdoor and mobile catering

Food health information on outdoor and mobile catering

Food premises in RBKC that have been awarded the HCC award

Food premises in RBKC that have been awarded the HCC award:

Food Safety Week

Food Safety Week - Love food, hate waste is the theme of Food Safety Week 2016 which runs from Monday 4 July to Sunday 10 July.


Kitchen Equipment Advice (domestic)

Here you will find domestic kitchen equipment advice.

Privacy Notice for Food Safety

Information about our privacy notice and how the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Food Safety and Infectious Disease team processes your data in accordance with legal requirements.

Brexit and Food Businesses

How Brexit will affect UK Food Businesses