What we do

Food Safety Team

Our Food Safety Team works closely with businesses in the borough. We offer advice and take formal action to make sure businesses comply with the law.

Our aim is to:

  • protect consumers by improving local businesses' hygiene and safety standards
  • ensure that food is safe to eat
  • provide consumers and businesses with advice and information

Enforcement officers and inspections

Our enforcement officers regularly inspect food businesses to make sure they are following good hygiene practices. Inspections are usually unannounced and officers take food samples during their visit.

We inspect premises to ensure that:

  • food is safe to eat
  • staff are appropriately trained in food hygiene and food handling practices
  • risk of food poisoning is properly controlled and there is no risk of injury as a result of physical or chemical contamination to foodstuffs
  • equipment and the premises comply with what the law requires and there is no risk of contamination
  • businesses have taken satisfactory steps to prevent pest infestations and that premises are pest-proofed

Officers also look at food standards issues which include:

  • allergens
  • correct product labelling of products
  • checking use-by and best before dates

They may also:

  • take food samples and send them to an approved microbiology laboratory or public analyst for detailed examination
  • take swabs from surfaces and staff to ensure there is a good level of hygiene


We investigate a range of complaints including:

  • allegations of poor hygiene
  • finding foreign objects in food
  • mouldy or unfit food
  • labelling issues
  • out of date foods

Sampling plan

We undertake a detailed sampling plan every year. This involves sampling a variety of imported foods to ensure they meet with strict requirements.

We also participate in national and regional sampling programmes for foodstuffs and private water supplies.
We work with events such as the Notting Hill Carnival and Chelsea Flower Show to ensure that food hygiene standards are met.

Privacy notice

Privacy Notice for Food Safety.

Last updated: 9 December 2019