Environmental health training course information for employers

Environmental Health training courses

In-house training

We can run a qualification course on your premises subject to certain criteria:

  • Fees are based on a minimum of eight per session and a maximum 15.
  • You need to provide tables, chairs, laptop, lectern, digital projector, screen, flipchart, wall mounted clock, TV and a DVD/video player.
  • We can't shorten courses to suit your operational needs.

For more information call 020 7341 5627 or email: training@rbkc.gov.uk.


Prepare your staff

You can help your staff make the most of their training by explaining what to expect before their course. This includes:

  • passing on joining instructions and a map
  • emphasising punctuality - the trainer may turn away late comers and you won't get a refund
  • telling them if there will be an exam at the end of the course or if they need to complete any assignments
  • explaining they will have opportunities to put theory into practice back in the workplace

Staff who have just finished a shift duty won't benefit from training.


Candidates with special educational needs

If your staff have any special needs, let us know when you make your booking. This includes:

  • a physical or learning disability
  • non-native English speakers

We can provide extra support for these candidates by:

  • applying to the examination body for special arrangements before they sit an exam
  • providing information about courses in other languages
  • providing examination papers in other languages, depending on the awarding body

Please contact us if you have staff with reading, learning or language difficulties.

If any of your staff need support with basic English, Maths and Computer Skills at Level 1, contact Nova New Opportunities on 020 8960 2488.


Reasonable adjustment for candidates sitting an examination

Candidates may need reasonable adjustment to sit an exam if they have:

  • a permanent or long term disability, medical condition or special educational need
  • a temporary or short term disability, medical condition or special educational need
  • been indisposed at the time of the examination or assessment
  • English as another language

We can make a formal application to the appropriate awarding examination body. There may be a delay in the candidate’s exam date pending a decision or appeal. The Council will refer to the awarding body’s procedures before an application.


Equality and diversity

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has a clear policy on equality and diversity.


Qualification courses

We offer courses leading to accredited qualifications awarded by Highfield Qualifications. These qualifications are fully in line with industry and regulatory standards.

Last updated: 8 June 2020