Shop safety - common faults

No matter what kinds of goods are being sold in shops accidents and injuries do occur. In supermarkets, for instance, shopping trolleys may hurt children. In a greengrocery customers may slip on old fruit. In off licences staff may be hurt by falling boxes or through incorrect manual handling activities. Take another look around your premises, this time with a much more critical eye. Carry out a risk assessment [PDF file].

Common faults include:

  • trip hazards
  • faulty electrical appliances
  • obstructed fire exits
  • obstructed stairs and corridors
  • inadequate access for the disabled
  • lack of safety signs for customers
  • badly sited equipment and furniture
  • no fire exit signs
  • confined spaces
  • horseplay by employees
  • training wires
  • sharp corners on shelving
  • splintering glass
  • unprotected conveyor belts
  • top heavy stock
  • accumulation of packaging
  • inadequate lighting