Storeroom safety - hazards

Storerooms can be used for food, clothing, stationery, chemicals, and a variety of other items. If they are left to get untidy and cluttered the hidden hazards may pose a risk to staff who use the storeroom. It is important to regularly clear out any redundant equipment and to ensure shelves are secure and stacked properly.

Common hazards include:

  • unsafe racking
  • top heavy racking
  • smoking near flammable goods
  • improper storage of liquid petroleum gas
  • ladders with damaged or broken rungs
  • standing on boxes instead of ladders to reach items on shelves
  • inadequate lighting
  • lack of routine cleaning
  • broken glass
  • leaking chemical containers
  • accumulation of refuse and redundant equipment
  • horseplay
  • aisles obstructed
  • obstructed fire exists
  • gas cylinders not chained to walls
  • inadequate storage space
  • working in confined spaces
  • fork lift trucks