Local Offer for Care Leavers: Education, Employment and Training

Information about Education, Employment and Training for Care Leavers.

We want you to succeed in your education, training and employment. We will ask you how you are doing and be ready to celebrate your achievements with you.

Subject to a needs assessment, which will determine access to local libraries, online reading, support from college, utilising the Virtual School’s Wednesday evening classes and subject to the arrangements put in place by either the training facilitator or job centre; we will offer you:

  • Support to meet your transport costs when travelling to training, school/college, apprenticeships or job interviews
  • Support to buy tools, equipment, essential clothing, and books
  • The chance to attend and help organise celebration events when young people achieve education, training and employment milestones (not including Post 21)
  • Lunch money, up to the value of £15 per week subject to the number of days you are attending an apprenticeship, college or training.

Finances for Study

All young people aged 16-19 who are 'Looked After' and study full time are entitled to a bursary, which will be paid to you by your college, 6th form or training centre into the Young Person’s bank account. For more information visit Advice for young people: 16 to 19 Bursary Fund guide.

If you are to continue to studying at college from age 19, then there is advice available about Student Finance options to meet the costs of some courses which are no longer offered free after the age of 19. All colleges and 6th forms have a Designated Person who supports young people in care, and care leavers and they will be able to advice you about the support available. 


Should you choose to go to University, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will support you through the application process via your virtual school worker, social worker, personal assistant, or college tutor/student support. In addition, we will:

  • Help you obtain tuition fees and maintenance loans, care leavers grants and access to the hardship fund from university (not all universities provide this)
  • Support you with the UCAS fee
  • Help you choose the right course and university that matches your talents and interests.
  • Provide you with a Higher Education (HE) bursary/ ‘Parental Contribution’ of up to £6000 each year for the duration of your studies (up to a maximum of four years), which is a contribution towards 52 weeks’ accommodation 

Please note: If a young person has decided to stay in a ‘Staying Put Arrangement’ an adjustment will be made in order to create greater equity with other care leavers in Higher Education. The maximum that can therefore be paid is £3000. This is subject to completion of a Section 24 Finance request, relevant evidence and agreement with the terms and conditions of the funding. Conditions of receiving parental contribution include the following: that you provide full details of your course and that they remain correct throughout the academic year; that you provide full details of student financing and any additional grants you have been awarded; that you provide a ‘letter or acceptance’ from the university or proof of movement from Year 1 to Year 2 or Year 3; that you provide evidence of enrolment before finances start; that attendance and academic monitoring will take place each term; consent to contact the university or higher education institute; that you are expected to have a minimum of 90% attendance and complete all coursework; that you will inform the service of any ‘change in your circumstances’; that you provide a copy of your rent agreement and rent statements as part of the termly monitoring.

Employment and Training 

As well as your Social Worker or Personal Adviser, we have a team of staff who can support with your employment and training needs. This includes a specialist Employment, Education and Training member of staff, as well as The Virtual School

They will provide you with:

  • Careers information and advice
  • Opportunities for work experience, apprenticeships and employment within the council and with local employers
  • Help with CV writing or job applications
  • Help with interview preparation, which could include a one-off payment towards suitable clothing (up to £60)