Local Offer for Care Leavers: Health and emotional wellbeing

Information about health and emotional wellbeing for Care Leavers.

We recognise how important it is to stay healthy, both physically and emotionally. Below are some of the ways we can support you to stay healthy and look after your physical and mental health.

Your Social Worker or Personal Adviser can: 

  • Give information on healthy living
  • Give information on getting help to pay for prescriptions
  • Give information on intimacy and healthy relationships
  • Give information about health drop-in centres
  • Support you to register with a GP
  • Support you to register with a dentist
  • Support you to move from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) to adult services
  • Give information about counselling services that are available locally
  • Take an interest in your children and support you to access appropriate services and do the best for them, if you are a young parent
  • Provide you with advice, guidance or support in accessing services that are available in your area, if you want support with drug or alcohol use

The LAC Nurse will:

  • Ensure you have a rising 18 health assessment the month before you turn 18, this will include you receiving a summary of your health whilst in care (for example, any birth information we may have) and information on accessing the health records held about you
  • Contact you/your Social Worker for an update of your health post 18, just before you turn 19
  • Always be available to support you with any health queries- call 020 7266 8774 or 020 7266 8862 for more information or to find out the number for your nurse
  • You can use NHS Choices to locate services local to you; your nurse, Social Worker or Personal Adviser can offer support with this too
  • Support you to access adult mental health services including counselling; attend hospital and community clinic appointments including sexual health services
  • Help you maintain a healthy lifestyle through advice and support on a range of topics and can support you to attend the local leisure facilities via gym membership

In addition:

  • Dental Health is important however even with NHS dentists can still be expensive, you can get help if you are pregnant or have had a baby in the last 12 months or are still in full time education between the ages of 16-18. The NHS dental health charges change each year, these costs are available on  the NHS website
  • You are eligible for free eye tests and vouchers towards glasses/contact lenses if you are still in full time education between the ages of 16-18
  • You can get help paying for prescriptions if you are still in full time education between the ages of 16-18

If you feel that you are struggling with your mental health or are looking for support with your emotional wellbeing, there is also the option to discuss your needs with a therapist who works with your Social Worker or Personal Adviser. Should it be something that you want, it may be that you can meet with a therapist for continued support, or they may refer you to a more suitable service (such as NHS adult mental health or a local counselling service). If you think something like this would be useful, please discuss it with your social worker/Personal Adviser.

If you are on a low income or in receipt of Income Support, Income Based Employment and Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Universal Credit  you can apply for a Health Credit Certificate [HC2 or HC3] to support free dental care, eye care and prescriptions.