In-year primary admissions

In-year primary admissions

Sometimes you need to apply for a place for your child at a school outside of the normal admission times. This is known as an in-year admission.

The reason for an in-year admission could be:

  • you have arrived in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea from another part of the country or abroad
  • you want to transfer your child to another school

From the 1 January 2021 you are advised to check your right of abode status if you are arriving from abroad. Please visit the GOV.UK website for further information on right of abode in the UK.

The normal admission rounds are:

  • primary reception: when starting statutory schooling for the first time
  • primary to secondary transfer: children currently in Year 6

If your child is already in school and you are thinking of transferring him/her to another school, you must be aware that places are already allocated and availability will be limited. This is very important if your child is in Year 6 of primary school or Year 10 or 11 when a move at this stage of their education is highly discouraged and should only be considered if your circumstances are exceptional.

How to apply

Apply by email

Complete the interactive form and email it to us.

  • download the form to your computer and save it locally
  • complete the form using Adobe Acrobat (or the equivalent on your computer)
  • submit the completed form to

If you save the PDF form to your computer you can save it as you go along, meaning you don’t need to complete the whole form in one go.

Apply by post

Download the printable form or request a paper version from the Education team.

Further information

If you need a paper application form or further guidance, contact the Admissions Team on:

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Last updated: 24 May 2021