Primary to secondary school transfer 2021

Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Some schools that test for aptitude may have changed dates for aptitude testing in response to ongoing changes to Covid-19 related issues. Despite these changes, you should still register your child for tests by published deadlines. You should also submit your online application by the national closing date, 31 October 2020. If you receive the results of a test after 31 October 2020, you may make changes your applications preferences. This is such as to add or remove a selective school.

Please ensure that you email with any changes by 10 December 2020. Changes to preference after this date will only be considered after places are offered on 1 March 2021.

If you live outside Kensington and Chelsea, you will need to contact the local authority for the their policy on making changes to a school admissions application.

School open days and evenings

Kensington and Chelsea schools hold open days and evenings during September and October, though some of these will be held ‘virtually’ online. Please check the school’s website or call the schools office to check for updates.

The Kensington and Chelsea secondary leaflet and brochure was published at a time of ongoing changes in Covid-19 guidance and changes will have made for some schools.

If your child will be in Year 6 of primary school from September 2020, you will be starting the process of applying for a secondary school to start from September 2021.

The closing date for applications is  31 October 2020.

In order  for you to be fully informed of the applications process,  and how to find out more about the schools you may be interested in  applying to,  a handy Hints and tips leaflet  is available.  A detailed online brochure will be available from early September. 

The eAdmissions website will open on 1 September for online applications and is the recommended way to apply. If you require a paper form, please contact the Admissions Team using the details at the bottom of this page.


This leaflet answers the most frequently asked questions and includes:

  • all the visiting dates and open evenings for Kensington and Chelsea secondary schools
  • dates for ability banding tests which some schools run

RBKC secondary hints and tips


Starting Secondary School brochure

This brochure includes:

  • the process of applying for schools and what happens after
  • oversubscription criteria for all Kensington and Chelsea secondary schools
  • how places were offered in the previous year
  • useful information to assist in the transition from primary to secondary school 

RBKC Secondary School Admissions Brochure 2020

Further Information to assist your research

For schools that use proximity as part of their main admission criteria, distance cut-off maps are available upon request from the School Admissions Team –

These provide specific guidance for residents in the north and south of the borough.

Slideshow - guidance for residents in the North of Kensington and Chelsea

Slideshow - guidance for residents in the South of Kensington and Chelsea


Further information

If you need a paper application form or further guidance, contact the Admissions Team on:

Admissions and access to Education Service: privacy notice

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