Secondary school transfer

Primary to secondary transfer 2020

Children in Year 6 of primary school start their secondary education from September 2020.

Applications for a school place are now open and you should submit them online at


Hints and tips leaflet

This leaflet answers the most frequently asked questions and includes:

  • all the visiting dates and open evenings for Kensington and Chelsea secondary schools
  • dates for ability banding tests which some schools run

Secondary Transfer Hints and Tips 2020

Starting Secondary School brochure

This brochure includes:

  • oversubscription criteria for all Kensington and Chelsea secondary schools
  • how places were offered in the previous year
  • last year's distance maps for the 2019 year of entry which give you an idea of the home to school distance reached for schools that refer to this as the main criteria in allocating places. 

Starting Secondary School 2020

Slideshow presentations

These provide specific guidance for residents in the north and south of the borough.

Slideshow presentation 2020 - for residents in the North of Kensington and Chelsea

Slideshow presentation 2020 - for residents in the South of Kensington and Chelsea

Further information

If you need a paper application form or further guidance, contact the Admissions Team on:

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