Cut-off distance maps

About cut-off distance maps

Many Kensington and Chelsea schools use distance from home to school to help decide how places are offered.

These offer maps show:

  • when the home to school distance was reached for schools that received more applications than places available last year
  • when distance is used as the tie-breaker for the allocation of places

These maps are large and best viewed on a computer rather than a mobile phone or tablet. You can order high-resolution versions from the School Admissions Team on 020 7745 6432 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm).

Maps are not show for schools when:

  • the school gave priority to applicants that met religious requirements and distance was not a key factor in determining the offers
  • the school was not full so all applicants could be offered a place regardless of where they live
  • the school used random allocation (lottery) to decide the order of offering places (for example, Fox Primary School)

For more detailed information about how places were offered for each school, go to the Starting Primary School Guidance or the Secondary Transfer Guidance.

Primary schools

Ashburnham Primary School 2019

Barlby Primary School 2019

Bevington Primary School 2019

Bousfield Primary School 2019

Colville Primary School 2019

Kensington Primary Academy 2019

Marlborough Primary School 2019

Park Walk Primary School 2019

Thomas Jones Primary School 2019


Secondary schools

Holland Park School 2019

Kensington Aldridge Academy 2019