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Future youth services event 5 March 2019

Future youth services event [PDF] (file size 162.83 KB)

A new youth service for the borough will launch on 1 September 2019 as a result of the largest ever collaboration between young people and Kensington and Chelsea. The services will be significantly refocused to ensure they meet local needs and are responsive to changing demands.

Not only are young people in the lead in designing and approving the new youth services, but the Council also wants to see more local organisations and service providers involved in meeting the needs of young people. This will make the services more flexible and quicker to respond to changing needs. Young people will remain key to decision making, even after the new service is launched, they will have an ongoing annual £40,000 budget which they can directly allocate. 

There will be more coordinated work between the Council, police, schools and colleges, health providers and community groups to support young people on the areas that they say matter to them, including their wellbeing and feeling safe.

The collaborative work began in February 2018 and there has been a clear recognition from the outset that young people are best placed to know what they want and need and therefore working with them to take the major decisions and develop the services was essential.

167 workshops and open forums have been held in youth clubs, sports centres, faith spaces, in parks and on the streets across the borough to hear what young people (aged 11 to 19) want. A total of 1,015 people and organisations, including 771 young people have taken part so far.

This information was collated by the Council to identify the key themes, ideas and suggestions put forward by the community. This was fed back to young people and local residents, offering them an opportunity to add more priorities.

The important areas for young people are:

  • futures and ambitions, including career options
  • safety and security
  • community and environment
  • living healthy and happy lives

Read more about these on the Areas of support page.

These findings will be presented to the Council’s Leadership team on Wednesday 12 December. 

Work is continuing with young people, parents and community groups to ensure the aims are met by the new service and providers. It is an opportunity for more young people to get involved and those who have already been closely involved to continue to see their work come to fruition.

If you are a young person who wants to take part in shaping the new services please email us at:

As part of the review, the Council has also been working with local voluntary groups. There are many organisations across the borough that already offer fantastic activities and opportunities for young people. They have highlighted the importance of building on the strengths of existing assets in Kensington and Chelsea as well as coordinating and communicating the support and opportunities available for young people. This work will continue over the coming months with a focus on involving the wider community, including schools.

Youth Review Engagement Findings Report [PDF] (file size 630.64 KB)
Delivery Options Appraisal [PDF] (file size 504.29 KB)
Equality Impact Analysis Tool [PDF] (file size 759.73 KB)