About Residents' Associations

Information on what a resident association is, listings, registering your association, plus support and useful guides.

What is a residents' association?

A tenant and resident association is a group of people from the same area who get together to look after their local interests. These associations might organise community events for local people, take part in Council consultations or lobby their landlord for building refurbishments. Tenant and resident associations play an important role in strengthening communities and ensuring residents' voices are heard.

Why start a residents’ group?

Some groups are set up to generally protect the interests of the community and improve the local area.

Why start a residents' association?A residents' association can:

  • Sometimes achieve more than an individual.
  • Represent the collective views of residents’
  • Have a voice in planning for the local area
  • Help improve the quality of life for all members of the community
  • Represent the views of local people to the Council or a landlord
  • Be recognised as a democratically elected group and have more influence.

Some groups are set up to achieve a specific aim, such as:

  • Helping to tackle antisocial behaviour or crime
  • Protesting against planned developments in their area
  • Raising funds to improve local facilities, such as community gardens or play areas.

Members of residents’ associations find that:

  • They can develop a community spirit
  • Individuals enjoy becoming more involved in their community
  • They can improve opportunities for people to meet socially
  • People get a sense of achievement and pride in a community that they have helped to build

There are hundreds of active tenant and resident associations in the borough and it's likely there will be one you can join in your local area.

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