Basement questionnaire - Owners

As an occupier of a property which benefits from a recent planning permission for a basement we are interested if you have implemented this permission, and if you have, what is its visual impact? If it lies beneath a garden, what does the garden look like? If it includes light wells, roof lights or service plant what do these look like?

The survey asks for a photograph of the ground beneath which the basement has been built, or of the light wells and roof lights associated with it.

You can upload this photograph if completing the questionnaire online. Alternatively, if you would like an officer to visit your property to take this photograph, please contact us at planning policy ( and this can be arranged.

Basements Owners Survey - download version [PDF] (file 52Kb)

Please note: any analysis carried out and published by the Council using this information will make no reference to individual properties or streets, and the questionnaire responses themselves will remain confidential.

Last updated: 29 November 2019