Co-designed Service Standards

Our Customer Access Strategy

We know that contact with the Council should be easy, helpful, and friendly. Our Customer Access Strategy outlines our commitment to you to achieve the best possible customer service.

We aim to resolve your query with us at the first point of contact to avoid frustration and delays. To signpost you to the services you need.

We are working hard to make our online services more intuitive and easy to use. At a time when councils across the country are having to make savings, we know that online service cost less and so need to be more widely available to all. They also help you get your business done more quickly, efficiently, and in your own time.

But, we know that not everyone wants to use online services or has access to them. This is why we are improving our face-to-face and phone line services.

You should be able to choose how you contact us and when to ensure you get the result you need.

This strategy has been developed together with residents and staff.

As we develop our services and deliver on our promises. We will continue our conversations with you to ensure your ideas and suggestions are reflected in our services.

Last updated: 27 September 2023