COVID-19: Testing and Tracing for Coronavirus

Test and Trace

NHS Test and Trace aims to reduce the spread of Coronavirus by controlling the rate of reproduction (R) and reducing the spread of infection. The service includes 25,000 dedicated contact tracing staff working with Public Health England.  In addition, Kensington and Chelsea Council now has a local Test and Trace team to help the national team if they cannot contact someone who lives locally. Visit our news article on information regarding the local Test and Trace team.

You must take the following steps if you have Coronavirus symptoms or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace that you have been in close contact with someone with coronavirus:

  1. If you have one or more symptoms of Coronavirus you must immediately self-isolate.
  2. You then must book a test using or by calling NHS 119.
  3. If you test positive, you will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace who will help you identify who you have been in contact with and will gather their contact details.

For more information visit NHS Testing and tracing for Coronavirus.

NHS Test and Trace App

In September the NHS Test and Trace app was launched, this makes it much easier for you to find out if you have been near someone who has tested positive as you will be messaged to say you were within 2m of someone who has tested positive.  No personal data will be passed on and all the information is stored on your phone.  By having your Bluetooth enabled it will simply ping nearby phones to check if anyone has tested positive.

Help protect family and friends by downloading the app today.

NHS Test and Trace information sharing session

Kensington and Chelsea Social Council and NHS West London met with residents and community groups and have produced these FAQs.

NHS Test and Trace information sharing session

Keeping Kensington and Chelsea safe

The Council will support NHS Test and Trace, by responding to any local outbreaks of Coronavirus should they occur.

The Council’s Outbreak Control Plan outlines how we will support Public Health England in identifying and containing any local outbreaks, identified by NHS Test and Trace. 

The plan sets out how we will: 

  1. Manage any local outbreaks of coronavirus.
  2. Quickly and efficiently respond to any patterns of Coronavirus as they emerge.
  3. Work closely with national and regional partners to ensure everyone who needs a test, has access to one.
  4. Encourage our residents to feel confident in using NHS Test and Trace.
  5. Protect our most vulnerable residents and prevent and mitigate any outbreaks within our high-risk settings.
  6. Ensure any resident who needs to self-isolate and needs support from the Council gets it.

Test and Trace explained

View this video to explain the latest on Test and Trace.

Outbreak Control Plan

RBKC Outbreak Control Plan October 2020

Test and Trace scams

A scam has been reported where callers pretend to be from the NHS Test and Trace service and ask for payment for tests or try to take personal, financial details from you. Please see the Covid-19 related scams page for details.