Register of members' interests

Includes declarations from voting co-opted members

Cllr Sarah Addenbrooke

Cllr Hamish Adourian [PDF] (file size 301.01 KB)
Cllr Aarien Areti [PDF] (file size 499.78 KB)
Cllr Robert Atkinson [PDF] (file size 122.43 KB)

Cllr Mohammed Bakhtiar [PDF] (file size 147Kb)

Cllr Tom Bennett [PDF] (file size 301.21 KB)

Cllr Adrian Leigh Berrill-Cox [PDF] (file size 147Kb)

Cllr Judith Blakeman

Cllr Elizabeth Campbell [PDF] (file size 122.45 KB)
Cllr Max Chauhan [PDF] (file size 242.59 KB)
Cllr Anne Cyron [PDF] (file size 125.04 KB)

Cllr Emma Dent Coad

Cllr Marwan Elnaghi [PDF] (file size 246.09 KB)
Cllr Janet Evans [PDF] (file size 126.33 KB)

Cllr Catherine Faulks

Cllr Robert Freeman [PDF] (file size 251.98 KB)
Cllr Gregory Hammond [PDF] (file size 482.64 KB)

Cllr Gerard Hargreaves

Cllr Pat Healy

Cllr Ian Henderson [PDF] (file size 242.75 KB)
Cllr James Husband [PDF] (file size 245.42 KB)
Cllr Walaa Idris [PDF] (file size 246.02 KB)
Cllr Alison Jackson [PDF] (file size 242.77 KB)
Cllr Cem Kemahli [PDF] (file size 250.79 KB)
Cllr Sina Lari [PDF] (file size 246.37 KB)
Cllr David Lindsay [PDF] (file size 248.68 KB)

Cllr Quentin Marshall

Cllr Pat Mason

Cllr Sof McVeigh [PDF] (file size 249.24 KB)

Cllr Julie Mills [PDF] (file size 150Kb) 

Cllr Nadia Nail [PDF] (file size 247.28 KB)
Cllr Charles O'Connor [PDF] (file size 248.83 KB)

Cllr Matthew Palmer

Cllr Will Pascall [PDF] (file size 813.86 KB)
Cllr Monica Press [PDF] (file size 192.5 KB)
Cllr Josh Rendall [PDF] (file size 246.65 KB)

Cllr Marie-Therese Rossi

Cllr Laura Round [PDF] (file size 246.09 KB)
Cllr Dori Schmetterling [PDF] (file size 301.19 KB)

Cllr Malcolm Spalding 

Cllr Kim Taylor-Smith [PDF] (file size 123.34 KB)
Cllr Johnny Thalassites [PDF] (file size 242.79 KB)
Cllr Portia Thaxter [PDF] (file size 249.61 KB)

Cllr Robert Thompson [PDF] (file size 147Kb)

Cllr Linda Wade [PDF] (file size 245.55 KB)
Cllr Ian Wason [PDF] (file size 246.22 KB)

Cllr Mary Weale

Cllr Emma Will [PDF] (file size 189.54 KB)

Cllr Charles Williams

Cllr Maxwell Woodger [PDF] (file size 297.18 KB)

Declarations from voting co-opted members

Mr Richard Derecki [PDF] (file size 121.62 KB)
Mr Joe Delaney [PDF] (file size 849.05 KB)

Health and well-being board

Dr Fiona Butler [PDF] (file size 146Kb)

Renata Charles [PDF] (file size 1.07 MB)
Louise Proctor [PDF] (file size 828.03 KB)
Angeleca Silversides [PDF] (file size 1.05 MB)