Basements Questionnaire - Residents' Associations

As a residents’ association you can help us make sure that the experiences and views of those who live close to basement developments in your area are canvassed as effectively as possible.

  • Speak to those in your area who live close to basement developments and ask them to complete the questionnaire, or help them to complete it. It is a long questionnaire, and will take quite a commitment of time to complete it. They should provide as many specific details as they are able. The purpose of the questionnaire is to gather facts, rather than opinions, as far as possible.
  • While it is likely that only immediate neighbours can comment on the success, or otherwise, of a relevant Party Wall Agreement, others living in the vicinity can comment on the range of other impacts.It is, however, important that each questionnaire makes clear the relationship of the neighbour to the basement development he/she is commenting upon.
  • A separate questionnaire should be used for each property that is being commented on.
  • Different neighbours may have different experiences of a given development. As such it is important that, where possible, all adjoining neighbours should be asked to fill in a separate questionnaire.

Basements Residents' Association Survey - online version.

Basements Residents' Association Survey - download version [PDF] (file size 60Kb)

Please note: any analysis carried out and published by the Council using this information will make no reference to individual properties or streets, and the questionnaire responses themselves will remain confidential.

Last updated: 29 November 2019