Roles and responsibilities of your Councillors

Roles and responsibilities of your Councillors

Councillors in the Royal Borough each represent a small part of the borough - called a 'Ward'. 

The roles and responsibilities of Councillors include:

  • Being the main point of contact with the communities, which includes residents as well as businesses and other organisations based in the borough;
  • Developing a deep understanding of the local communities; its issues, needs and concerns so that these can be fully represented;
  • Supporting others to empower themselves and find ways to strengthen the capacity of communities to take action on their own behalf to tackle things that are important to them;
  • Leading and championing the interests of local communities and effectively represent the interests of the ward and its constituents, to deliver outcomes that make a difference;
  • Acting as ambassador and advocate for the Council as a whole;
  • Meeting face to face and liaising regularly with local interested individuals and groups to listen and support their involvement in key Council decisions;
  • Undertaking case work for constituents and act as an advocate in resolving concerns or grievances, in a timely way;
  • Ensuring that constituents receive feedback on consultations in which they have participated and help them to understand the reasons why the Council has made its decisions;
  • Participating constructively in the good governance of the ward and borough;
  • Using influence as a Councillor to develop links between groups and communities in the ward and local area;
  • Working with communities to help with local service delivery, including encouraging volunteers.

Elections happened in the borough on Thursday 5 May 2022 - we have 50 councillors across 18 Wards. 

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You can search for your councillor using your postcode or the name of your ward. Find your councillor and ward.

Last updated: 13 March 2023