Register of Councillors' interests

Disclosing interests in the borough

Councillors must disclose their interests in the borough. This includes employment, property, contracts with the Council and shares in companies with a place of business here. Councillors must also disclose the interests of their spouse.

Councillors' declarations of interest

Find declarations of all Councillors on the Councillors webpage. Click on the Councillor’s photo and choose ‘Declaration of interests’.

Voting co-opted members' declarations of interest

Richard Derecki

Estella Gomez

Sam McNally Cross

Karen Wyatt

Members of the Health and Well-being Board declarations of interest

DCI Sebastian Adjei-Addoh

Renata Charles

Louise Proctor

Angeleca Silversides

Dr Andrew Steeden

Darren Tulley

Gifts and Hospitality

When Councillors are offered or receive gifts or hospitality in their role as a Councillor, they must declare this. We publish these details on the Council website, including the name of the person or organisation making the offer. This information stays on the website for four years or until the person ceases to be a Councillor, whichever is sooner.