Change at the council

We know we need to listen more and do a better job of including local people in our decision-making. We will develop each initiative with you.

How can I be heard?

We’re making it easier for people to get involved in decision-making at the Council in a number of ways.

Listening Forum

  • We will be holding Listening Forums in different locations throughout the borough each month to hear what matters to you in your local area.
  • You will be able to raise suggestions, issues or concerns directly with members of the Leadership Team.

Please visit the Listening Forum page for more details.

Borough-wide conversations about priorities

  • We will be visiting different areas in the borough from December 2018 to January 2019 to hear your thoughts on what the council should prioritise. These meetings follow a series of community conversations in the north of the borough discussing how we can better support our communities.
  • Your priorities will be used to help write the Council Plan, to be published in March.

Please see the Let's Talk Priorities website for more information.

Governance review

  • The Council is reviewing how it makes decisions and how it involves people in those decisions at borough level and at area level.
  • Public meetings will run monthly from October 2018 until May 2019 and will involve invited expert witnesses.You will be able to speak, ask questions of invited witnesses, and provide submissions about the issues being discussed.

Please visit the Governance Review page for more details.

Speak at a Full Council meeting

  • Ten public speaking slots are reserved at the start of every Full Council meeting.

Please visit the Speak at a Full Council meeting page for how to speak at these meetings.

Citizen's Panel

We are setting up a Citizen’s Panel – a representative pool of local residents who we will ask to give us their views in a variety of different consultations. An independent research organisation is helping us recruit this panel. We are currently talking to residents associations and community groups about what this should look like. We will update this page as it develops.

What's coming up?

For details of all other public committee meetings, including Scrutiny committees, please check the meeting calendar.

Why are we doing this?

Last year the Council commissioned the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS), a national centre of expertise on effective decision-making, to conduct an independent review of our governance. The subsequent Change at the council report, published in March 2018, made recommendations on the way we make decisions, who is involved in making those decisions and outlined 12 principles of good governance we should embed in the council.

The 12 principles were developed by the Centre for Public Scrutiny from the conversations it had with residents, councillors, officers and partners. Visit the Principles of good governance page for more information.

Our Leadership Team officially accepted the recommendations with the action plan outlined below in July 2018.

Change at the council report by CfPS [PDF] (file size 235.19 KB)

The Executive and Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee holds the Council to account on its action plan for the change at the council programme. Regular update reports are presented to the Committee at public meetings.

We are embedding the 12 principles of good governance into our Constitution, the way we work and training councillors so they are able to better address your needs. 

Other ways to get involved in decision-making