Housing and Communities Select Committee

Housing and Communities Select Committee

The Housing and Communities Select Committee examines topics related to the provision, planning, management and performance of all housing services; partnerships associated with the delivery of housing; the improvement and delivery of social housing; the management of the Council’s housing stock; housing strategy and implementation and community relations and consultation.

The topics for review prioritised by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for this Select Committee for the municipal year 2019-2020 are:

  • Council’s Housing Strategy (including the provision of new homes and standards in temporary housing and in housing association accommodation to which the Council has nomination rights)
  • fire safety in relation to council housing
  • resident associations
  • the Grenfell Recovery Strategy and housing services
  • housing supply in the borough (jointly with Environment Select Committee as the lead)
  • homes for the elderly (jointly with Adult Social Care and Health Select Committee as the lead)

This Select Committee will decide how and when to review these topics in its first meeting on 21 October 2019. Meeting papers and agendas are available on the Committees pages.

The Select Committee will undertake detailed reviews of these topics throughout the municipal year. It will carry out these reviews in a variety of ways, including setting up working groups to gather evidence in the community to hear from local people and other experts.