Student only households and people who live with students

If you are a student or live with students

You may be able to get a reduction or exemption on your bill if you meet the qualifying criteria listed below.

  • If everyone at the property is a student, the property is exempt. However, you must still apply for the exemption.
  • If one household member (over 18) isn't a student, the property can't be exempt.
  • If the non student is responsible for the bill, they may be able to get a discount.
  • If the student is the sole owner or tenancy holder, they will remain liable for the bill but may be able to get a discount of up to 25 per cent off the full Council Tax charge for the property.
  • If two or more household members (over 18) aren't students there is no exemption, but there may be another reduction available.

Do I qualify as a full-time student?

You are classed as a full-time student for Council Tax if:

  • you are 18 or over and at an approved educational establishment, e.g. college, university or similar;
  • your course lasts at least 24 weeks in the year; and
  • it involves at least 21 hours of study a week; and
  • the approved educational establishment, e.g. college or university considers your course to be full-time.

In addition:

  • you are also classed as a full-time student if you are 18 or 19 and on a non-advanced course like A-levels that last at least three months and involves at least 12 hours of study a week.
  • your approved educational establishment, e.g. college or university must be in the UK or the European Union, you don't have to attend; you can be engaged in distance learning as long as you meet the other student criteria.
  • you must live in the UK.

Note: You need to make sure that you register for Council Tax.  

To apply online for a student discount or exemption, all you need to do is link your Council Tax account to your MyRBKC account. You will only need to do this once. Each student will have to create a MyRBKC account and upload a valid copy of their student certificate.

You can also make your application in writing or use the Contact us form quoting your Council Tax reference number.