Frequently asked questions

You can find lots of information on our Council Tax web pages. But if you can't find what you want, or need to speak to someone:

Phone: 020 7361 3005, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays)

If I register for Council Tax, am I automatically added to the Electoral Register?

No. The Council Tax register is separate from the Electoral Register. If you wish to register to vote, you will need to complete a separate form. Please see the information at Registering to vote.

If I register for Council Tax, am I automatically eligible for a resident’s parking permit?


No. You will need to apply separately for a resident’s parking permit. Find information on residents parking permit.

I’m an employer who has been asked to take deductions from my employees pay.


Please view information on deductions for helpful information.

I’m receiving Council Tax Reduction (also called Council Tax Support), so why do I still get bills and adjustment notices sent to me?

When there is a change to your Council Tax Reduction claim, there is a legal requirement to issue you with a bill within a certain period of time. These instances are kept to a minimum, but where your circumstances constantly change (for example if you are self employed), you will find that you are issued a new bill each time.

Why doesn’t the Council send me a reminder every month?

There is no legal requirement to issue a separate reminder for each month’s payment. To do so would be expensive and this cost would be passed on to the Council Tax payers, increasing the amount to be paid. Where a reminder is sent, information is provided detailing which payments are outstanding and what will happen should the instalments not be brought up to date.

You can avoid receiving reminders altogether by signing up to Direct Debit.

I am an Italian Citizen and I have to provide details to the Italian Government about Council Tax. I am paying on property I own in the UK. Can you help?


We understand the Italian Government require that Italian citizens inform them of the basis of property tax they pay abroad. The Council Tax is based on the value of the subject property on 1 April 1991. All properties are assigned to a Valuation Band relating to the value of the property.

Find out the Valuation Band values

The Council decides on the Council Tax for each Band every year in February/March. Your Council Tax bill shows the Valuation Band of your property and the amount of Council Tax you pay.

Last updated: 26 January 2023