Residents' parking permits

Residents' parking permits

Kensington and Chelsea is a densely populated borough and the demand for on-street parking space is very high.

Our priority is to allocate car parking spaces to our residents. This means we cannot offer any permits to businesses or visitors.

The parking permits issued in Kensington and Chelsea for on street parking are:

  • residents' permits
  • motorcycle permits
  • doctors' permits
  • doctors' parking bay permits
  • disabled Purple Badges
  • car club permits

Having a permit does not guarantee you a parking space outside your residence and you cannot reserve a space. 

Motorcycle parking

There are two types of motorcycle bay in the borough: one is reserved for residents of the borough and the other is free to any motorcyclist.

Resident motorcyclists permits and bays

We want to encourage resident motorcyclists to park in motorcycle bays rather than between cars in residents’ bays where they can get damaged and do not make best the use of kerbside space.

Residents’ motorcycle permit bays are:

  • located across the borough - you should only ever be a few minutes' walk from one
  • usually fitted with locking anchors for securing your bike

There are three types of motorcycle permit:

  • motorcycle bay permit allows parking in residents’ motorcycle bays only. These bays are identified with the words ‘M/C Permits Only’ painted on the road. This permit is free of charge
  • combined motorcycle permit allows parking in all residents’ parking bays and residents’ motorcycle bays. This permit costs £65 per year.
  • combined electric motorcycle permit that allows parking in all residents’ parking bays and residents’ motorcycle bays. This permit costs £40 per year.

Details and full terms and conditions are outlined in our Residents' Parking Guide:

Last updated: 31 March 2023