General Election May 2015 - Kensington constituency

Elected: Borwick, Victoria Lorne Peta (Con)


List of candidates and results 7 May 2015 Parliamentary election
Surname Other names Party description Number of Votes
ABOUHARB Mohammed Rodwan Labour Party 10,838
ABSE Toby Alliance for Green Socialism 115
AUGUSTE Tony Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol Candidate 211
BORWICK Victoria Lorne Peta The Conservative Party Candidate  18,199
BOVILL Jack UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,557
COURTENAY Roland Basil New Independent Centralists 23
KNIGHT Andrew David Animal Welfare Party 158
MCGHEE Robin Max Liberal Democrats 1,962
ROSE Robina Henningsen Green Party 1,765

Votes cast: 34,974

Turnout: 57%

  • Rejected ballots: 139
  • want of an official mark: 5
  • voting for more candidates than voter entitled to: 37
  • writing or mark by which voter could identified: 2

Electorate: 61,133