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Telephone us on: 020 7361 3002 or you can email us at:

How we respond

If the problem is happening at the time of your call, an officer will try to call you back within 30 minutes. This is to confirm that the noise is still ongoing and that you would like them to visit you. For legal reasons, it is important that officers are able to visit your property and witness the impact of any noise on you. They will advise you of the estimate time of their visit – our aim is to visit you within 60 minutes of your initial call, but this is subject to the demand on the service which can be very high during the summertime.  Officers will be able to visit (dependent on demand) during the following times:

  • Sunday to Thursday: 7.00am to 3am*
  • Friday and Saturday: 7.00am to 5am*

*Calls received after 2:30am (Sunday to Thursday), and after 4:30am (Friday and Saturday) will responded to by officers, but in most cases a visit will not be possible for operational reasons.

If the problem is not happening at the time of your call the Noise and Nuisance Officer will contact you on the next working day to take details about the problem so we can decide how to deal with it. You may be asked to record details of when you are disturbed by the noise or nuisance in a diary booklet.  


What happens next

We will review the information to decide whether we have enough evidence to take legal action, such as the service of an abatement notice. We will consult you throughout the process at key stages.

Many problems are resolved in a matter of hours but some take considerably longer. If your problem is complex or difficult to resolve there will be an interim case review to ensure sufficient progress is being made, within two months of your initial complaint. A full case review will be held after three months to determine what action can be taken or whether there is nothing further that can be done.

For information on our enforcement policy, download the Directorate of Environmental Health Enforcement Policy and the Noise and Nuisance Service Customer Information Leaflet.

Noise and Nuisance Service Customer Information Leaflet


Our policy is to keep the personal information that we have about you such as your name and address, confidential.

If you would like us to take legal action to resolve a noise nuisance it may be necessary to disclose your personal details. For example, if we serve a Noise Abatement Notice the person causing the noise nuisance will have a right to know who made the complaint if they decide to legally appeal against the noise abatement notice in court. Similarly, if a case goes to the Court you may be required to give evidence.

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