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London Healthy Workplace Award

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Changes to how the Mayor will support London’s businesses 

Since the Mayor of London was re-elected in May 2021, an internal review has been conducted by the Greater London Authority (GLA) on how to best support businesses as we recover from the pandemic. A strong and sustained economic recovery from COVID-19 in London will depend on healthy Londoners and workplaces. 

An internal review has concluded and the GLA are pleased to announce a continued health and wellbeing offer from the Mayor of London by integrating elements of the London Healthy Workplace Award (LHWA) into the Good Work Standard.

The London Healthy Workplace Award has supported more than 400,000 employees across the city to achieve healthy working environments, with most of those settings being micro, small and medium sized businesses. The scheme has also supported London’s biggest employers, such as most NHS organisations and London Boroughs, and many London Universities, to achieve the Award, ensuring the impact of healthy workplaces is far reaching. 

The Mayor’s Good Work Standard is a simple and easy-to-access accreditation scheme with a programme of communications and events for a community of employers interested in good work. The scheme has a focus on health and wellbeing in addition to fair pay and contracts, skills, progression, diversity, and recruitment. Employers with the London Healthy Workplace Award have a head start in achieving the Good Work Standard as they will already meet the health and wellbeing requirements. 

Find out more about the Good Work Standard and how to apply.

Last updated: 27 January 2022